Clinical Trials

Why Physicians Participate

Cancer treatment trials or research studies test new treatments in people with cancer.  Many times, clinical trials are testing new drugs or new combinations of drugs, new types of surgery or radiation therapy.  The goal of the research is to find better ways to treat cancer, and help cancer patients.

Cancer treatment trials contribute to knowledge and progress against cancer.  If a new treatment proves effective in a study, it may become a treatment that will help many people with cancer.  Many of today's most effective treatments are based on previous study results.  Because of the progress made through cancer treatment trials, many people treated for cancer are now living longer.

Patients who take part in a treatment trial get the best treatment available from cancer experts, and they will receive either a new treatment, or the best available treatment for their cancer.  Patient enrolled in a clinical research study may be among the first to benefit from the new treatment.

Cancer treatment trials have sometimes been seen as a last resort for people with cancer who had no other treatment options.  Today, many patients with common cancers often choose to receive their first treatment in a clinical trial.